Who are Royal Riders?

We are the reputed and assured bike rentals who have helped many people go on a Dream Trip. We make your dreams come true. Easy process no hassle.

How do I book a bike from Rider Next?

You can call and inquire about the availability of the motorcycle. If there are rides, you can come to us with your required documents and ride away in your two wheeler

What are the places I can explore on a bike?

We allow you to explore the lands that you must have once planned. Darjeeling, Sikkim, Bhutan and the Northeast are the regions that you could book your ride for.

Is late payment an option?

As the bikes are all booked in advance, we take payments on the time of booking or before it. We do not allow late payment of any kind.

Is Pick-Up & Drop facility available?

It is a matter of business practice which may vary from time to time. You can always call us for any related enquiry.

What are the documents required to rent a bike?

Your driving license is necessary, and an authentic identity proof should also be provided to the agency, which will be deposited to the headquarters along with the security deposit until the vehicle is returned.

Will I be charged for any wear & tear?

Any damage extended to the vehicle must be corrected or compensation will be charged by the agency accordingly. It is the rider's responsibility to take care of the bike during the trip as long as it is under his ownership.

Will I have to pay for servicing during the journey?

Yes. If the bike needs any servicing during the journey, the rider must pay for it. Any wear and tear after booking must be taken care of by the rider himself

Refund on Cancellation?

Yes refund will be generated in case of cancellation but within the prescribed dates and for reasons which makes absolute sense.