Let Our Work Speak For Itself

Let Our Work Speak For Itself


Given the option, business owners and workers would rather focus on performing high quality work instead of engaging in self- promotion tactics that might make them feel a little uneasy. However, self- promotion is an inevitable part of a marketing strategy. If you want to go on a bike trip, rent a bike from any Siliguri bike rental for the best experience.

Table of contents:

  1. About Royal Riders
  2. Testimonials from our clients
  3. Conclusion

About Royal Riders

Royal Riders is one of the best Siliguri bike rentals. As we are a bunch of travel enthusiasts ourselves, we know how wonderful bikes rides can be. Royal Riders offers the opportunity for those who want to check out the bike road adventures, especially the hills of the Northeastern Himalayas.  We aim to be your partners in every one of your two wheeler expeditions, while taking care of all your needs.

We offer a variety of prime services that are not consider your safety and wellbeing but are also light on the budget. We have a variety of bikes so that you can pick the one that suits your fancy.    

Testimonials from our clients

Our good work is validated by the kind words of our customers.

Arindam Choudhuri (Siliguri, West Bengal, 16/12/2018): “Since past few days I was having this itch to ride a Royal Enfield Bullet as I haven't ridden one ever and wanted to experience the legendary thump. Thought of borrowing it from a friend for a day but then decided against it as he loves his rides just like I do so I saved him from the awkward situation. Next idea was of renting one and came across Royal Riders Bike on Rent from Siliguri and guess what they had a Classic 350 in their fleet! Booking experience through their app was super quick. Whole process, right from registering to completing my booking took just about a minute.”

Sunny Singh (Delhi, India, 29/03/2019): “I have to say it that the service can't be any better than this. The owner is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Form tips to how to ride in the mountains to giving additional spare parts. He has done everything.”

Pritam Ghosh (420 Lexington Ave, 16/10/2019): “Great person indeed with a gentle smile on her face and the best part is the guy provides a huge variety of mountain bikes. I had rented a bike (RE350) from him on 19th of October for 7 days I was with my wife and 3yrs old kid. It was great Adventure trip for both of us and once again thanks to the owner for the bike which was in good and vibrant. Hope visit again and again.”

Royal Riders is a very customer oriented Siliguri bike rentaland your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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