Make Your Adventure Much More Joyful And Comfortable

Make Your Adventure Much More Joyful And Comfortable


Travel is a luxury for some and a form of therapy for others. Embarking on an adventure is undoubtedly an exhilarating and thrilling experience. Bike rides are no different; it indeed is the best ways to travel. With that said, travelling a long distance can be tiring and cumbersome, so make sure you take all of the measures to make every ride comfortable and enjoyable. Check out the best bike travel agencies in Siliguri to rent a bike for your adventure.

Table of contents:

  1. Choose an Appropriate Motorcycle Style
  2. Choose an Engine Suited For the Ride
  3. Check the maintenance

Here are a few things to take note of while pick your next rental bike for your trip.

Choose an Appropriate Motorcycle Style

Here are our recommendations from the best bike rental agencies in Siliguri on the type of motorcycles you should opt for.

  • Cruiser and Standard Motorcycles– Cruiser motorcycles such as the Royal Enfield Thunderbird and standard motorcycles such as Royal Enfield Classic and Bullet are some of the best motorcycles for uphill and mountain adventures.
  • Adventure Touring Motorcycle– If you’re planning a mixed ride of asphalt and dirt, you may want to look at an adventure motorcycle which offers excellent ergonomics that eases the strain on your back and wrists whilst fair amount of wind protection. Bikes as such can be easily upgraded with added luggage for additional storage space. Bikes like Royal Enfield Himalayan are perfect for long trip adventures.

Choose an Engine Suited For the Ride

Engine size on a motorcycle isn’t a definition of the best motorcycle for your journey, but they can have an effect on them.

  • Under 500cc–Something smaller, like a 250cc, is suited best for a daily commuter; although it’s fuel-efficient, it can struggle at highway speeds. Any bike with an engine of 500cc should be able to do it all: capable of riding around town with efficient mileage and easy maneuverability, but also able to cruise at highway speeds for long periods efforlessly.
  • Over 500cc– Over 500cc is also well-suited for a daily commuter but it is also large enough for a long, comfortable journey and carry some goods. These are good for long distances travels.

Check the maintenance

Before you pick up a bike at the rental agency or at the pickup location, make sure you thoroughly investigate the condition of the bike. Check for any anomalies and get a feel for the ride. Check the brakes, the engine, lights, indicators and the horn before you take it out on a long ride.

If you are planning an adventure check with Royal Riders, the best bike rental agencies in Siliguri, to rent your next bike.

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