Bike rental in Siliguri: The Best Choice For Solo trip

Bike rental in Siliguri: The Best Choice For Solo trip


Solo trips may sound intimidating but it is one of the most freeing experiences one can have. Solo bike trips are an experience every rider should have, at least once in their lifetime. If you are wishing to go on such a ride but do not have a bike, you should definitely check out bike rentals in Siliguri.

Table of Contents:

  1. Self reliance
  2. Endurance
  3. Enhanced communication skills

Bike rentals are the most convenient way to get a bike for your trip. The process of renting a bike for your solo trip is quick and effortless. Solo rides help you learn a lot about your own self. You should definitely consider renting a bike and going on a solo trip here’s why:

Self reliance

When you are out there on the road all alone on a rental bike you only have yourself to rely on. Self reliance is valuable skill to have in life. Solo bike trips helps enhance your decision making abilities and also teaches you how to have faith in the decisions that you have made. You may take the wrong path ever so often but you will also learn to trust yourself to find the right way.


Endurance is a virtue that is gained, not learnt. Solo trips test your endurance as you battle traffic, harsh weather and other factors that come with a trip. It helps you gain emotional stability and have control over your feelings of anger and frustration. Solo trips may feel lonely in the beginning, but by the end of it you will be more comfortable being on your own.

Enhances communication skills

Communication may not be your finest skill. Being on your own forces you to come out of your comfort zone and actively communicate with the rest of the world. Whether it is to ask for directions, exchanging pleasantries with a random stranger or sharing stories over a cup of tea, you are bound to go out of your way to mingle with these people on the road. You might even make new friends on the way. At the very least, you will have a pocketful of stories to bring back home.

Solo trips are addictive. Once you are comfortable being on your own there is no going back. Royal Riders are here to put your dreams into gear. Royal Riders are a tour and travels company offering bike rentals in Siliguri. We have a wide range of 2 wheelers for you to choose from allowing you to make the most suitable choice for yourself.

We are very grateful to our customers who have helped us come this far and have turned us into one of the leading agencies for bike rental in Siliguri. 

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